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Alberta Clipper

The first big snow storm of the season roared in riding high winds in late January. We stocked up on groceries at home, and neither of us really had to go out anywhere, so we heard the winds of an Alberta Clipper, a fast-moving west-to-east storm, carry its load of snow into Mississauga. Everybody was nice and cozy at home, especially the cats.

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Christmas 2017

Bob’s Christmas message from us all Merry Christmas to all our friends, neighbours and family, and a Happy New Year! Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations all through 2017 were lots of fun. Our yard had its best year ever. With my

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Our blessed long-awaited Mississauga summer

Summer’s blanket of heat and humidity has descended on our yard. This year of 2012, our garden looks better than it ever has. The garden is a long and complex springtime project. This year, my Mother took a real interest

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Headwaiter for the cats

Mixing up some dinner for the cats at the kitchen counter: May 2012.

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