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Pages and posts about life at Larisa Grove in Mississauga’s Churchill Meadows neighbourhood.

The first big snow storm of the season roared in riding high winds in late January. We stocked up on groceries at home, and neither of us really had to go out anywhere, so we heard the winds of an Alberta Clipper, a fast-moving west-to-east storm, carry its load of snow into Mississauga. Everybody was nice and cozy at home, especially the cats.

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Easter 2018 at home meant friends and family, and some delightful recipes to try, especially hot cross buns oven-baked and fresh. They were terrific!

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving This October weekend, Bob and I have used our Facebook sites and other electronic networks to wish our personal and professional friends a very Happy Thanksgiving. In Canada, Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October, about seven …

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Our effervescent Merlin The year 2016 has brought with it a new direction for me. In June, I completed the lengthy process to qualify as an Immigration Consultant. The year also came with an unexpected surprise: a second cat. His …

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A farewell to summer While Bob followed the Toronto Blue Jays journey into the baseball post-season, and I tried to learn the cricket-like game, autumn was also a time to bid farewell to the things we treasure most about our home: our divine …

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Family of red-breasted robins In the spring of 2015, a couple of red-breasted robins decided to build their nest in our crabapple tree along the side. Then along came some eggs, and we had a family move in. That year …

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How is the weather where you are? Ontario got its first major snowfall of the 2014-15 winter on Groundhog Day, the day halfway between the start of winter and the start of spring. As the hokey commercial legend goes, if …

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Merry Christmas from Mississauga The wonderful thing about hosting friends and family is not having to travel, and putting on one’s very best for people we care about, and even a few who just need a place to be on …

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